About DazzleMe

We have 16+ years in the business of customer care.

Some cleaning services recruit anyone who wants a job and is handy with a mop and bucket. Not us.

It takes us longer to source people with a passion for customer care; professionals who take pride in their work, and those with an eye for detail.

Trained and Prepared to Delight

Before a DazzleMe Cleaning Representative is allocated to our clients, each individual completes an exhaustive, six-week training regime with Pauline and Steve to learn the DazzleMe way. We prepare each of our representatives to delight our discerning clients.

We are serious about integrity, discretion and security

Each DazzleMe Cleaning Representative is background and security checked. We wouldn’t invite anyone into your home, that we wouldn’t invite into ours.

Meet Pauline

Hi I’m Pauline and I guess you could say the driving force behind DazzleMe Property Services. I love the city of Melbourne with a passion so it was natural to me that my business would focus on apartments and businesses in the CBD.

I grew up near Gisborne, a world away from where I have made my life and career, but much of what I learned in my early days when helping around the property have stood the test of time. I even use these philosophies and work ethics in business today. Things like ensuring that every job is done properly, and always, always using the right product for the right job so that valuable assets are maintained.

Professionally, I worked as a Mothercraft Nurse and Nanny, caring for children for two decades prior to starting my career in the cleaning industry. Interestingly enough, it was the  cleaning work that I used to do while children were sleeping or studying that started that flash of an idea; I loved cleaning and received great satisfaction seeing just how wonderful a home could look when tended by someone who cared.

Today DazzleMe Property Services is more than I could ever have hoped for when I took those steps to transition into the world of the self-employed. It has been a fabulous journey, filled with great clients and working in some of Melbourne’s most beautiful apartments and office towers. What more could anyone want from their business?

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