Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see you work on a job or talk to your customers?

Confidentiality is very important to the DAZZLEME team. We are discreet and would never reveal anything about one client to another. Consequently, we simply can’t provide the names and details of any of our clients nor have you accompany us on a cleaning project to someone’s home. However, we do have several testimonials on this site by genuine clients attesting to the quality of our service, and the best way to see how well we will work for you is to simply hire us on a trial basis.

One clean of your apartment and you’ll be won over.

Do you charge for cancellations?

Typically no, but we really would appreciate a day or two’s notice if your circumstances are going to change as we need to move our schedule around to accommodate you. In most circumstances if you live in an apartment building, you can leave your keys with the concierge. We’ll return them to him or her as soon as we’re done.

Do you handle special requests? Like linen closet clearing or a Spring clean?

Absolutely! We are delighted to accommodate any extra service to your regular cleaning routine. As we are fully booked each day though, we would appreciate you to call Pauline with any special requests and we’ll try to accommodate you if not this clean, then certainly the next.

Do you have local trades recommendations?

Yes we can recommend the services of an electrician and plumber for any electrical or plumbing issues and any small maintenance jobs we can attend to, or we can recommend a trusted and competent handyman.

How much will it cost me to have you clean my home, office or apartment?

Every home and every client has different needs and without seeing what we need to do in person, we just couldn’t could quote accurately. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll arrange a convenient time to meet with you. Rest assured our services are competitive and great value for money.

I have a complaint! You missed a bit!

Oh no! This is a rarity, but we’re human and mistakes or oversights will happen from time-to-time. The main thing is to call Pauline immediately and whatever it is, we’ll put it right. That’s our promise to you.

I have a pet. Do I have to keep it locked in a room during cleaning?

We try to be as unobtrusive as possible and we don’t aim to disturb your family’s daily routine. Naturally, if your dog is suspicious of visitors to your home and responds angrily to intruders, or it gets a bit excited and wants to get under our feet while we work, then it would probably be a good idea to arrange for a dog walker or sitter (or if you’re comfortable to do so, have Fido confined to a room while we’re there). Generally we have no problems co-existing with your furry family members but be warned that we can’t watch them for you and remember we do use cleaning products that shouldn’t be ingested.

I work from home and can’t leave while you clean. Is that ok?

Of course! It is your home! We will work around you without disturbing you and if you’re on the phone, we’ll quietly close the door to your home office. Go about your business and we’ll go about ours!

What’s the average time it takes to clean my house?

Everyone’s house or apartment is a different size, with different amounts of furniture to navigate and varying levels of cleaning and tidying services required. Times would range from an hour ‘whip around’ for a small, sparsely furnished corporate apartment, to 4 hours or more for a family in a large apartment, and even longer for spring cleaning services, after-party cleans, or moving out cleans.

Any other questions? Contact us!

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